About KARA
The existence of a reliable source to collect and support specialized startups in the scope of health, since the emersion of Iran startup eco-system and considering the number of novel and fresh ideas in the felid of health, has been needed.
Iran which has a traditional health care mechanism dealing with a lot of fundamental problems, is suffering from lack of an integrated communication system between providers and users of health care products and services. To benefit from the usage of novel and green ideas, as well as, to have a new approach towards the ways to do its mission in the society, the aforementioned system has needed some updated technological solutions.
The purpose of Kara, which is started in 2018, is to support and accomplish innovative and practical ideas, to create an appropriate educational network for startups, as well as to conduct scientific research project.
Kara’s mission is to find the existing breaks in the health care system of Iran, and provides the best possible solutions for them.
You will have the opportunity of utilizing the professional consulting sessions with experts in startup businesses, using the shared work space, and initial investment according to your project demands when your idea is accepted by Kara and you join us. Moreover, you can use the educational programs, become aware of the communicative networks in the field of health, be in touch with other startups in this area, and be introduced to major investors.
So, if you have an idea or even if you just dream about making major and great changes in the world, Kara will make your dream come true. Kara will support you in all steps, from pre-acceleration, acceleration to investment for entering the market.
There are different courses and workshops related to startup businesses, in which all interested people can take apart in them.
Kara is located in “Innovation factory”, one of the biggest shared work spaces in Iran that aims to support accelerators, in 18000 m2 area in the west of Tehran.