Neurochallenge Group was formed in 2014 by a group of postgraduates and Professors from best universities of Iran. The company was registered officially and named “Chaleshgaran Edrak Nab”​ in 2017.
The research field of Neurochallenge is based on cognitive science, artificial intelligence, biomedical engineering, psychology, software engineering and informatics engineering.
Wearable gadgets are the main products of company. The main uses of wearable gadgets are in the fields of health tracking, diseases prevention and diagnosis and passive therapies.
Other areas of using these products include stress management, music therapy, neurofeedback, autism and ADHD therapy, depression, migraine, epilepsy, sleep, memory, attention and concentration, smoking cessation/ addiction and diet regimens, as well as user/ customer experience, advertising effectiveness, effective game design, HCI/ BCI, robotic, e-learning, internet of things and neuromarketing.
Software is Other production of the company which connects to the gadget via Bluetooth. software includes signal processing, emotion recognition, and attention detection.
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