Teehoo Investment Co. was established in the year 2016 in Kish Island, with the goal of improving and promoting tourism and residence. The primary objective of the company was to standardize and establish executive protocols in the tourism industry in order to, alongside the growth and spread of residential centers in the country, prepare the conditions for attempts and investments in an economical and standard frame. To create much-deserved excitement, setting up tourism centers, and further establish the tourism industry in the country for continued and lasting growth.

The goal and mission of the company were further refined by effective revisions and reached a higher level. It expanded from its activity in the tourism industry to be a company active in investing and leading new and recently established businesses.

Currently, Teehoo Investment Co., along with its activities in the field of tourism, establishing rural domiciles, taking part in new groups, and setting up/managing tours of Iran, is active in the technology sector in fields such as finance, education, publishing. The company is also establishing long-lasting businesses in rural areas where it is present thanks to the establishment of rural domiciles.