Sisnini was founded by three people, the first with a bachelor’s degree of business administration who has a rich experience with sales and marketing management, the second with a master’s degree in accounting with financial and tax management experiences and the third with a bachelor’s degree and accounting in freelance jobs experience, decided to start their own business in July 2019.
After market research about different kind of businesses, they noticed a need among parents. Parents stated that in order to meet the needs of themselves and their child, they needed to visit different websites and applications, because of a comprehensive reference that covers all needs at all.
There wasn’t any platform in the country with a focus on parents and children to be composed of different sectors to meet the needs of parents and children.
Further research in this field continued until October 2019 and after consultation, evaluation and assurance of the future success of the plan, we began to implement it.
Sisnini’s initial website was launched in January 2020 and the initial version of the app was launched in May 2020.
Sisnini has been able to meet the following needs by relying on its abilities:
1- Lack of knowledge:
Everything parents need to know before pregnancy, during pregnancy and after childbirth, we have provided them with educational videos and knowledge.
2- Supply of every equipment related to mother and children’s need:
At this part, it has been tried to introduce products directly to the consumers, so it made reaching them so easier and accessing them in the simplest way by removing intermediaries, we could control the costs and prices at minimum. It is also welcomed by providers due to direct introduction of businesses.
3- – Games & Entertainment:
The website and application offer educational games and entertainment for children and parents.
4- Analysis of children’s painting:
Children’s painting psychologically has many things to know which help parents better know their children psychologically, which unfortunately is not paid much attention in our country.
5- Children with disability and the female-headed households
Special attention has been paid to the children with disability and female-headed households in all parts of the website and application as a social mission.
6- Creating a comprehensive platform
Creating a comprehensive platform for all specific service providers (hosting other related platforms) as a super app and website
We also succeeded to be selected Among the top eight businesses of the year in the 4th Festival of Young Scholars and Scientists in 2020.
Meanwhile, in the second unveiling of the top ten achievements of Azadi Innovation Factory in 2020, we are also among the selected businesses.