Aziz Saka, who completed his education with the Security Academy and the Faculty of Business Administration, made professional contributions on art and society.
Aziz Saka, who was senior manager in Fund Management companies in USA and Switzerland for a period, took part in the work of many international foundations and unions on 4 continents from Indonesia to London, Senegal to Brazil.
AZIZ SAKA has extensive experience in international financial operations, commercial finance management, commercial activities through compounding technologies, banking, commodity exchange, physical commodity exchange and project finance.
Currently serving as the Chairman of the Board of Directors of IC FINTECH JSC, AZIZ SAKA is also the pioneer of the Gold Wallet (ALTIN CUZDAN) brand, which established the first physical gold-based expenditure and payment system in the world.
He has combined all the experiences he has gained during his career in valuable projects by cooperating with multinational companies.
Aziz SAKA is also, under the leadership of the Russian Lomonosov University, within the framework of the global activities of the Digital Economy, he is served of Chairman of Digital Economy of the Republic of Turkey.