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The Fourth Technology Investment Meeting (TIM2022)

February 21-22, 2022

TIM2022 investees

In this event, with the efforts made by the secretariat and by interacting with relevant officials in D8 member countries and other countries, after due diligence of 161 Iranian and international startups and investees, 61 top investees were selected and Additional information of them is provided in this booklet.

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To connect with your favorite investees, just name it in WhatsApp to the following number +989056225164



D-8 Technology Transfer and Exchange Network is an informative and transaction-enabled network to be set up among the Eight Developing Muslim Countries.


What we do

To help investors share their sources & interests for investment in a qualified & reach out both the right idea & team to invest.



the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.



an assembly of people for a particular purpose, especially for formal discussion.



put (money) into financial schemes, shares, property, or a commercial venture with the expectation of achieving a profit.

Message from the event manager

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Dr. Milad Sadrkhanlou
The Secretariat of Technology Transfer and Exchange Network of 8 developing Islamic countries (D8-TTEN) has always been trying to create a synergy between these countries to lead to their progress and development. One of the main problems is that the investors present in these countries have no communication with each other. To increase this connection, the Secretariat annually holds a special event for investors called TIM (Technology Investment Meeting). This event is held every year in one of these countries. This year, TIM2022 will be held by the Secretariat of D8-TTEN and Pardis Technology Park in Tehran. In this event, with the efforts of the private sectors and by using the services of the, officials, investment companies of governmental sector and with the full support of embassies and business advisers of these countries, efforts have been made to bring investors and investees from D8 member countries and other countries to this event. The D8-TTEN Secretariat announces its full support to the investors and investees who are present at this event and is ready to make every effort and support to increase the interactions and cooperation of the D8 member countries and also apply to other interested countries

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Frequently Questions

All startups, investors and investees around the world can participate in this event.
D8-TTEN secretariat and Pardis Technology Park in Iran organize this event.
It will be held on feb21-22, 2022 in Tehran.
You can see the agenda on the header of this website in Agenda sector. This event will be held in 2 days. In the first day it organized in Pardis Technology Park. In second day, in the morning it has a meeting in Iran National Innovation Fund (INIF) and in afternoon investors can visit iHit of Iran.
You can register your startup or investment company on this website in registration sector.
This event is free for all participants.
Yes, translators for Arabic, English and Persian will be there to help participants.
Since now investors and investees from D8 members and also Germany, Austria, Uzbekistan, Russia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Spain, Tajikistan, Ghana, Tunisia has been registered in this event.
Yes, all enthusiasts who wants to be in this events as audience, can participate in this event trough this link.


The Fourth Technology Investment Meeting


February 21-22, 2022