The meeting of D-8 TIM 2017 policy council was held in Tehran.
The meeting of D-8 TIM 2017 policy council was held in Tehran.

According to the secretariat of the D-8 TTEN Technology Transfer & Exchange Network, the first meeting of Technology Investment Meeting 2017 (TIM 2017) was held by policy council members in the Mustafa Prize place on Tuesday, August 8th.
This meeting focused on reviewing the actions taken by the executive team and providing comments and suggestions on this year’s conference. The members of policy council discussed the goals of the conference, possible ways to inform the countries to attend the meeting, various session of the conference including keynotes, case studies and workshops, contents, and potential collaboration opportunities with partner organizations.
According to the organizers' planning, this year's summit will focus on VC funds in the member countries of the D-8 and other Islamic countries, and members of the council are determined accordingly.
Policy council of the Meeting consists of experts from relevant organizations and companies including Deputy of Vice presidency for science and technology, Iran Technology Development Fund, Innovation and Prosperity Fund, Pardis Technology Park, New Technology Development Fund, Farabours Iran Co., Armani Venture Capital and Sarava Pars Co.
The first round of D-8 Technology Investment Conference is centered on venture capital funds and intends to share international experiences in this field and

provideanopportunity for synergy and cooperation among Islamic countries.