Technology Investment Meeting (TIM)



One of the areas owning potentiality to extend technology cooperation among technologists, is the technology investment issue. Technology investment possesses varieties and ventures that absolutely differs from investment in other areas in industries. Technology investment appears profitable and secure in many products that are required in societies and differs in innovative products with their hazards called Venture Capital.

D-8 TTEN is organizing Technology Investment Meeting (TIM) to synergize investors in member countries to invest technologies and innovations in Member States so that opportunities and sources could be approached together.

One of the critical investment issues in technology world, is the Venture Capital in start-up firms. Venture capital is a special type of equity finance for typically young, high-risk and often high-technology firms. Venture capital-backed firms played a key role in driving innovative economic activity during the 1990s. The size and depth of venture capital markets across countries, however, remain uneven. The United States is the oldest and one of the largest venture capital markets which has had marked success in attracting venture capital, mostly from US sources .

The significance of venture capital (VC) as a financing instrument for high-growth firms has been well documented. VC investors rely on specialized knowledge to identify early-stage firms with the potential for high growth, and proceed to buy large equity stakes in these firms with the objective of helping them to mature into profitable enterprises. As part of its growth strategy, VC provides not only financing but also close monitoring, expertise, and industry contacts to the investee firm. These additional supports could greatly improve a firm’s chances for success given that VC-backed firms tend to be young and possess technologies, ideas, or assets with strong potential, but often lack the experience or the proven sales base to secure a sufficient level of financing to expand. Venture capitalists also provide pre-investment screening, post-investment monitoring, and value-added, activities that, if performed well, should lead to improved performance by portfolio companies.

The history of VC activities in D-8 member countries is different in countries.  In  Iran, Indonesia, Malaysia and Turkey VCs have been operated since three decades ago meanwhile other countries have the recent experience of attention toward VC funds like Bangladesh and Egypt. 

Concerning the above mentioned notes, D-8 TTEN Secretariat planned the 1st TIM as a meeting of VC Funds from Member States and other invited countries to exchange experiences and financing models, define future cooperation and create road map for future meetings. Therefore, the Meeting is named as,


TIM 2017: D-8 VC Funds, Experiences and Financing Models