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Dear Excellences and Distinguished Guests,

Along with technology progress and fulfilling requirements of societies through the achievements of scientists and technologists, Innovation is a distinctive element in products and technologies which makes traders transcend in their business competition. Innovation is the major issue in start-up companies and their increase has influenced various fields of science and technology. Reinforcement of investment in innovations raises the market competitiveness in countries.

One of the critical investment issues in technology world, is the Venture Capital in start-up firms. Venture capital-backed firms played a key role in driving innovative economic activity during the 1990s. VC firms invest and assist start-up companies till their growth stage. VC issue has convergence with Islamic financing fundamentals; and donating entities like Islamic Development Bank has the experience of such activities. Few countries have long experience of activities in Islamic States meanwhile some states are facing the subject recently.

In order to encourage Islamic States to cooperate in technology investment and pave the way for VC firms, Technology Investment Meeting (TIM) has been designed by D-8 TTEN Secretariat. TIM is aimed at tracing the investment opportunities and sources in member countries by presenting the owners of technology and innovation their achievements to investors in common sessions. Through the drawn framework, technologists and innovators can imagine broader market and commercialization possibility for their achievements.  

TIM 2017 is entitled, “VC Funds: Experiences and Financing Models”, and will demonstrate latest activities of VC funds besides detecting activists to draw upcoming cooperation. TIM 2017 sections include keynote speeches, discussion panels participated by great specialists, training workshops and brainstorming session. It is hoped for TIM 2017 to precede successfully a fruitful scope for the next Meetings and could enact investors and venture capitalists to join TIM to observe investment chances that will be exposed by companies.  

D-8 TTEN Secretariat is honored to welcome you to TIM 2017 Meeting and is willing to cordially host suitably TIM 2017 distinguished guests.

With best wishes,

Mahdi Saffarinia,

Secretary of D-8 TTEN

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